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Acupuncture for Hair Loss


Can acupuncture help hair related problems?


Before              4 weeks               8 Weeks

 The answer is a resounding “yes”. Click on the images above for a real case at our clinic.

According Chinese acupuncturist Qiong-di Wu’s study, acupuncture can definitely provide help for a variety of hair related problems."  Along the way, she has used acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese medicine to treat his patients and has been greatly successful for all types of hair loss problems "including various forms of severe alopecia"

A female, age 68 had been losing her hair for 18 months. She had tried western medicine for a year and a half, but the hair was getting thinner and thinner, and she had lost two patches of the hair, size 8x7cm and 5x5cm. She also suffered from stress for over one year, had been a bad sleeper, with severe night sweating etc, after  a few sessions of acupuncture, her general symptoms disappeared and the hair started to feel stronger, after four weeks of treatment, you can clearly  see her new hair was growing back. Eight weeks later, her head was completely covered with healthy hair.



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